The Cavalier Magazine: A Complete List of Issues and History

While not as well known as other magazines published by the Frank A. Munsey company, The Cavalier endured a respected life as a magazine, lasting for several years and over a hundred issues.

What is The Cavalier?

The Cavalier started as a spin-off from The Scrap Book, another pulp magazine. But a few years later it actually absorbed The Scrap Book in 1912. It would later itself become absorbed by All-Story Magazine.

The Cavalier is not known for any particular genre, but is another general magazine like many of the other publications from the Frank A. Munsey company, and it always played second fiddle to larger publications such as All-Story and Argosy. But its legacy endures thanks to being absorbed into All-Story.

What’s in this List of The Cavalier Magazines?

This list contains every issue of The Cavalier that has ever been published. However, in some cases, details are scant, and all we have is the issue volume, number, and release date. Wherever possible, we’ve collected as many PDF scans of the issues that we can. If you don’t see a PDF here, that likely means that we were unable to find it online. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

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