H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography: A Complete List of Known Writings

Welcome to this complete bibliography of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. In this bibliography you will not only find a complete list of his fiction, but also his poetry, his scientific works, and many other miscellaneous writings.

Wow H.P. Lovecraft is known for having written thousands of correspondences in his lifetime, which I cannot begin to catalog here, I have done my best to make this as thorough as possible.

What Is Included in this Lovecraft Bibliography?

This bibliography, and the table below, is divided up by. Using the filters on the table below, you can select only the following:

  • Short Stories
  • Novels and Novellas
  • Poetry
  • Juvenile Works
  • Scientific Papers
  • Philosophical Works
  • Miscellaneous Writings

Additionally, I have designed the table so that you can select just the stories that are relevant to:

  • The Cthulhu Mythos
  • The Dream Cycle

That way, if you are only interested in those stories that pertain to these two important worlds that Lovecraft created, you can do so easily.

The Complete Bibliography Table

If the following seems overwhelming, remember that you can sort by each column, and filter out what you’re looking for by category and collaborator.

This table is sorted by default by the date (or estimated date) that each work was written.

#TitleDate WrittenDate PublishedCategoryCollaboratorNotesRead More
1The Noble Eavesdropper1897Juvenile WorkNonextant, Unpublished
2The Poem of Ulysses, or The Odyssey1897-11-08PoetryRead More
3The Little Glass Bottle18991959Juvenile WorkRead More
4The Mystery of the Grave-Yard18991959Juvenile WorkRead More
5The Secret Cave, or John Lees Adventure18991959Juvenile Work
6The Art of Fusion, Melting Pudling & Casting 1899Scientific Works
7Chemistry, 4 volumes1899Scientific Works
8A Good Anaesthetic1899Scientific Works
9H. Lovecraft's Attempted Journey betwixt Providence & Fall River on the N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R.1901Poetry
10The Railroad Review1901Scientific Works
11The Haunted House1902Juvenile WorkNonextant, Unpublished
12John, the Detective1902Juvenile WorkNonextant, Unpublished
13The Mysterious Ship19021959Juvenile WorkRead More
14The Secret of the Grave1902Juvenile WorkNonextant, Unpublished
15Ovid's Metamorphoses [1898–1902]1902Poetry
16Poemata Minora, Volume II1902PoetryRead More
17C.S.A. 1861–1865: To the Starry Cross of the SOUTH1902Poetry
18The Moon 1903Scientific Works
19The Scientific Gazette 1904Scientific Works
20Astronomy/The Monthly Almanack1904Scientific Works
21Annals of the Providence Observatory 1904Scientific Works
22Providence Observatory Forecast 1904Scientific Works
23The Science Library, 3 volumes 1904Scientific Works
24The Beast in the Cave1905-04-211918-06Juvenile WorkRead More
25De Triumpho Naturae 1905-07PoetryRead More
26Astronomy articles for The Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner 1906Scientific Works
27Third Annual Report of the Providence Meteorological Station1906Scientific Works
28The Picture1907Juvenile WorkNonextant, Unpublished
29The Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy 1907Scientific Works
30Celestial Objects for All1907Scientific Works
31The Alchemist19081916-11Short StoryRead More
32Astronomy articles for The Providence Tribune1908Scientific Works
33To His Mother on Thanksgiving1911-11-30Poetry
34The Members of the Men's Club of the First Universalist Church of Providence1912Poetry
35On the Creation of Niggers1912Poetry
36Fragment on Whitman1912Poetry
37On Robert Browning1912Poetry
38Providence in 2000 A.D.1912-03-04PoetryRead More
39New-England Fallen 1912-04Poetry
40To Mr. Terhune, on His Historical Fiction 1913Poetry
41Quinsnicket Park1913Poetry
42On a New-England Village Seen by Moonlight 1913-09-07Poetry
43Gryphus in Asinum Mutatus1914Poetry
44Bickerstaffe articles from The Providence Evening News1914Scientific Works
45A Task for Amateur Journalists 1914Miscellaneous Writings
46To Mr. Munroe, on His Instructive and Entertaining Account of Switzerland1914-01-01Poetry
47Ad Criticos1914-05Poetry
48Frusta Praemunitus1914-06Poetry
49De Scriptore Mulieroso1914-06Poetry
50To General Villa 1914-SummerPoetry
51On a Modern Lothario1914-08Poetry
52Science versus Charlatanry 1914-09-09Scientific Works
53The End of the Jackson War 1914-10Poetry
54The Falsity of Astrology1914-10-10Scientific Works
55Astrology and the Future1914-10-13Scientific Works
56Delavan's Comet and Astrology1914-10-26Scientific Works
57To the Members of the Pin-Feathers on the Merits of Their Organisation1914-11Poetry
58To the Rev. James Pyke1914-11Poetry
59Regner Lodbrog's Epicedium1914-12Poetry
60To an Accomplished Young Gentlewoman on Her Birthday, Decr. 2, 19141914-12-02Poetry
61The Power of Wine: A Satire 1914-12-08Poetry
62The Teuton's Battle-Song1914-12-17Poetry
63The Fall of Astrology 1914-12-17Scientific Works
64New England1914-12-18Poetry
65The Crime of the Century 1915Philosophical Works
66The Renaissance of Manhood 1915Philosophical Works
67Liquor and Its Friends 1915Philosophical Works
68More Chain Lightning 1915Philosophical Works
69Astronomical Notebook 1915Scientific Works
70Astronomy articles for The Asheville Gazette-News 1915Scientific Works
71What Is Amateur Journalism? 1915Miscellaneous Writings
72Consolidations Autopsy 1915Miscellaneous Writings
73Consolidation's Autopsy 1915Miscellaneous Writings
74The Amateur Press 1915Miscellaneous Writings
75The Morris Faction 1915Miscellaneous Writings
76For President – Leo Fritter 1915Miscellaneous Writings
77Introducing Mr. Chester Pierce Munroe 1915Miscellaneous Writings
78The Question of the Day 1915Miscellaneous Writings
79Random Notes, from The Conservative 1915Miscellaneous Writings
80Editorials, from The Conservative 1915Miscellaneous Writings
81Finale 1915Miscellaneous Writings
82New Department Proposed: Instruction for the New Recruit 1915Miscellaneous Writings
83Amateur Notes 1915Miscellaneous Writings
84Some Political Phases 1915Miscellaneous Writings
85Introducing Mr. John Russell 1915Miscellaneous Writings
86In a Major Key 1915Miscellaneous Writings
87The Conservative and His Critics 1915Miscellaneous Writings
88The Dignity of Journalism 1915Miscellaneous Writings
89The Youth of Today 1915Miscellaneous Writings
90An Impartial Spectator 1915Miscellaneous Writings
91Symphony and Stress 1915Miscellaneous Writings
92Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs 1915Miscellaneous Writings
93Metrical Regularity 1915Miscellaneous Writings
94The Allowable Rhyme 1915Miscellaneous Writings
95To the Members of the United Amateur Press Association from the Providence Amateur Press Club 1915-01-01Poetry
96March 1915-03Poetry
98The Simple Speller's Tale1915-04Poetry
99On Slang 1915-04Poetry
100An Elegy on Franklin Chase Clark, M.D. 1915-04-29Poetry
101The Bay-Stater's Policy1915-06Poetry
102The Crime of Crimes1915-07Poetry
103Ye Ballade of Patrick von Flynn1915-08-23Poetry
104The Issacsonio-Mortoniad 1915-09-14Poetry
105On Receiving a Picture of Swans 1915-09-14Poetry
106Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea1915-09-30Poetry
107On Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea1915-09-30Poetry
108To Charlie of the Comics 1915-09-30Poetry
109Gems from in a Minor Key1915-10Poetry
110The State of Poetry1915-10Poetry
111The Magazine Poet1915-10Poetry
112A Mississippi Autumn 1915-12Poetry
113On the Cowboys of the West 1915-12Poetry
114To Samuel Loveman, Esquire, on His Poetry and Drama, Written in the Elizabethan Style 1915-12Poetry
115The Poe-et's Nightmare1916Poetry
116Old England and the Hyphen 1916Philosophical Works
117Revolutionary Mythology 1916Philosophical Works
118The Symphonic Ideal 1916Philosophical Works
119Editor's Note to MacManus' The Irish and the Fairies 1916Scientific Works
120Reports of the First Vice-President1916Miscellaneous Writings
121Systematic Instruction in the United1916Miscellaneous Writings
122The Proposed Authors Union 1916Miscellaneous Writings
123Introducing Mr. James T. Pyke 1916Miscellaneous Writings
124Editorial, from The Providence Amateur 1916Miscellaneous Writings
125United Amateur Press Association: Exponent of Amateur Journalism 1916Miscellaneous Writings
126Among the New-Comers 1916Miscellaneous Writings
127Among the Amateurs 1916Miscellaneous Writings
128An American to Mother England 1916-01Poetry
129The Bookstall 1916-01Poetry
130A Rural Summer Eve 1916-01Poetry
131To the Late John H. Fowler, Esq.1916-03Poetry
132Temperance Song1916-SpringPoetry
133R. Kleiner, Laureatus, in Heliconem1916-04Poetry
134Lines on Gen. Robert Edward Lee1916-05-18Poetry
136My Lost Love 1916-06-10Poetry
137The Beauties of Peace1916-06-27Poetry
138The Smile1916-07Poetry
139Epitaph on ye Letterr Rrr........ 1916-08-29Poetry
140The Dead Bookworm1916-08-29Poetry
141On Phillips Gamwell1916-09-01Poetry
142Inspiration 1916-10Poetry
144The Rose of England 1916-10Poetry
145The Unknown 1916-10Poetry
146Ad Balneum 1916-10Poetry
147On Kelso the Poet1916-10Poetry
148Providence Amateur Press Club (Deceased) to the Athenaeum Club of Journalism1916-11-24Poetry
151To the Nurses of the Red Cross1917Poetry
152The Introduction1917Poetry
153A Summer Sunset and Evening1917Poetry
154Editors Note to McGavacks Genesis of the Revolutionary War 1917Philosophical Works
155A Remarkable Document 1917Philosophical Works
156The Truth about Mars 1917Scientific Works
157The Vers Libre Epidemic 1917Miscellaneous Writings
158Concerning Persia – In Europe 1917Miscellaneous Writings
159Amateur Standards 1917Miscellaneous Writings
160A Request 1917Miscellaneous Writings
161A Reply to The Lingerer 1917Miscellaneous Writings
162Editorially 1917Miscellaneous Writings
163News Notes 1917Miscellaneous Writings
164The United's Problem 1917Miscellaneous Writings
165Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs 1917Miscellaneous Writings
166Futurist Art1917-01Poetry
167On Receiving a Picture of the Marshes of Ipswich 1917-01Poetry
168The Rutted Road1917-01Poetry
169An Elegy on Phillips Gamwell, Esq. 1917-01-05Poetry
170Lines on Graduation from the R.I. Hospital's School of Nurses 1917-01-13Poetry
171Fact and Fancy 1917-02Poetry
172The Nymph's Reply to the Modern Business Man 1917-02Poetry
173Pacifist War Song—1917 1917-03Poetry
174Percival Lowell 1917-03Poetry
175To Mr. Lockhart, on His Poetry 1917-03Poetry
176Britannia Victura1917-04Poetry
177Spring 1917-04Poetry
178A Garden1917-04Poetry
179Sonnet on Myself1917-04Poetry
180April 1917-04-24Poetry
181Iterum Conjunctae1917-05Poetry
182The Peace Advocate1917-05Poetry
183To Greece, 1917 1917-05Poetry
184The Tomb1917-061922-03Short Story
185On Receiving a Picture of ye Towne of Templeton1917-06Poetry
186The Poet of Passion1917-06Poetry
187Dagon1917-071919-11Short Story, Cthulhu MythosRead More
188Earth and Sky 1917-07Poetry
189Ode for July Fourth, 19171917-07Poetry
190On the Death of a Rhyming Critic1917-07Poetry
191Prologue to Fragments from an Hour of Inspiration by Jonathan E. Hoag1917-07Poetry
192To M.W.M.1917-07Poetry
193To the Incomparable Clorinda1917-07Poetry
194To Saccharissa, Fairest of Her Sex 1917-07Poetry
195To Rhodoclia—Peerless among Maidens1917-07Poetry
196To Belinda, Favourite of the Graces1917-07Poetry
197To Heliodora—Sister of Cytheraea 1917-07Poetry
199The Link 1917-07Poetry
200To Alan Seeger 1917-07Poetry
201To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema1917-08Poetry
202August 1917-08Poetry
203Damon and Delia, a Pastoral 1917-08Poetry
205To Arthur Goodenough, Esq.1917-08-20Poetry
207To Delia, Avoiding Damon 1917-09Poetry
208Alfredo; a Tragedy1917-09-14Poetry
209A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson1917-Fall1917-09Short Story
210The Eidolon 1917-10Poetry
211Monos: An Ode1917-10Poetry
212An American to the British Flag1917-11Poetry
213Autumn 1917-11Poetry
216To Col. Linkaby Didd 1917-11-01Poetry
218Lines on the 25th. Anniversary of the Providence Evening News, 1892–19171917-12Poetry
219Sunset 1917-12Poetry
220Old Christmas1917-12Poetry
221To the Arcadian1917-12Poetry
223A Cycle of Verse1917-12Poetry
224The Conscript 1918Poetry
225At the Root 1918Philosophical Works
226Merlinus Redivivus 1918Philosophical Works
227Time and Space 1918Philosophical Works
228Anglo Saxondom 1918Philosophical Works
229Astronomy articles for The Providence Evening News 1918Scientific Works
230President's Messages, from The United Amateur 1918Miscellaneous Writings
231Poesy 1918Miscellaneous Writings
232The Despised Pastoral 1918Miscellaneous Writings
233The Literature of Rome 1918Miscellaneous Writings
234The Simple Spelling Mania 1918Miscellaneous Writings
235Comment 1918Miscellaneous Writings
236Les Mouches fantastiques 1918Miscellaneous Writings
237Amateur Criticism 1918Miscellaneous Writings
238The United: 1917–1918 1918Miscellaneous Writings
239The Amateur Press Club 1918Miscellaneous Writings
240A Winter Wish 1918-01-02Poetry
241Laeta; a Lament1918-02Poetry
242To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq.1918-02Poetry
243The Volunteer 1918-02Poetry
244Polaris1918-Spring1920-12Short Story, Dream Cycle
245Ad Britannos—19181918-04Poetry
246Ver Rusticum1918-04-01Poetry
247To Mr. Kleiner, on Receiving from Him the Poetical Works of Addison, Gay, and Somerville1918-04-10Poetry
248A Pastoral Tragedy of Appleton, Wisconsin1918-05-27Poetry
249On a Battlefield in Picardy 1918-05-30Poetry
250A June Afternoon 1918-06Poetry
251The Spirit of Summer 1918-06-27Poetry
252Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme1918-SummerPoetry
253To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the Christmas Pippin1918-12Poetry
254To the Eighth of November 1918-12-13Poetry
255The Green Meadow19191927-SpringShort StoryWinifred V. Jackson
256Americanism 1919Philosophical Works
257The League 1919Philosophical Works
258Bolshevism 1919Philosophical Works
259Idealism and Materialism – A Reflection 1919Philosophical Works
260Departments of Public Criticism1919Miscellaneous Writings
261The Case for Classicism 1919Miscellaneous Writings
262Literary Composition 1919Miscellaneous Writings
263Helene Hoffman Cole – Littérateur 1919Miscellaneous Writings
264Trimmings 1919Miscellaneous Writings
265For Official Editor – Anne Tillery Renshaw 1919Miscellaneous Writings
266Amateurdom 1919Miscellaneous Writings
267The Brief Autobiography of an Inconsequential Scribbler 1919Miscellaneous Writings
269Theodore Roosevelt1919-01Poetry
270To Maj.-Gen. Omar Bundy, U.S.A.1919-01Poetry
271To Jonathan Hoag, Esq. 1919-02Poetry
272Despair 1919-02-19Poetry
273In Memoriam: J.E.T.D.1919-03Poetry
274Revelation 1919-03Poetry
275Beyond the Wall of Sleep1919-Spring1919-10Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
276Memory1919-Spring1923-05Flash Fiction
277April Dawn1919-04-10Poetry
278Amissa Minerva 1919-05Poetry
279Damon: A Monody 1919-05Poetry
280Hylas and Myrrha: A Tale1919-05Poetry
281North and South Britons 1919-05Poetry
282To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the May Pippin1919-05Poetry
283Helene Hoffman Cole: 1893–19191919-06Poetry
284John Oldham: A Defence1919-06Poetry
285On Prohibition1919-06-30Poetry
286Old Bugs1919-071959Short Story
287Myrrha and Strephon1919-07Poetry
288The House1919-07-16Poetry
289Monody on the Late King Alcohol1919-08Poetry
290The Transition of Juan Romero1919-09-161944Short Story
291The White Ship1919-101919-11Short Story, Dream Cycle
292The Pensive Swain1919-10Poetry
293The City1919-10Poetry
294Oct 17, 19191919-10Poetry
295On Collaboration 1919-10-20Poetry
296To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany1919-11Poetry
298Birthday Lines to Margfred Galbraham1919-11Poetry
299The Statement of Randolph Carter1919-121920-05Short Story, Dream Cycle
300The Street1919-121920-12Short Story
301The Nightmare Lake1919-12Poetry
302The Doom that Came to Sarnath1919-12-031920-06Short Story, Dream Cycle
304Life for Humanity's Sake 1920Philosophical Works
305Looking Backward 1920Miscellaneous Writings
306For What Does the United Stand? 1920Miscellaneous Writings
307Untitled, from The Tryout 1920Miscellaneous Writings
308Editor's Note to Loveman's A Scene for Macbeth 1920Miscellaneous Writings
309Amateur Journalism – Its Possible Needs and Betterment 1920Miscellaneous Writings
310The Pseudo-United 1920Miscellaneous Writings
312To Phillis1920-01Poetry
313Tryout's Lament for the Vanished Spider1920-01Poetry
314The Terrible Old Man1920-01-281921-07Short Story
315Ad Scribam1920-02Poetry
316On Reading Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder1920-03Poetry
317To a Dreamer1920-04-25Poetry
318The Tree1920-061921-10Short Story, Dream Cycle
319Cindy: Scrub Lady in a State Street Skyscraper1920-06Poetry
320The Cats of Ulthar1920-06-151920-11Short Story, Dream Cycle
321The Poet's Rash Excuse 1920-07Poetry
322With a Copy of Wilde's Fairy Tales1920-07Poetry
323Ex-Poet's Reply1920-07Poetry
324To Two Epgephi 1920-07Poetry
325Poetry and the Gods1920-Summer1920-09Short StoryAnna Helen Crofts
326On Religion1920-08Poetry
327The Voice1920-08Poetry
328On a Grecian Colonnade in a Park 1920-08-20Poetry
329The Dream1920-09Poetry
330Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family1920-Fall1921-06Short Story
331October 11920-10Poetry
332To S.S.L.—Oct 17, 1920 1920-10Poetry
333Celephaïs1920-111922-05Short Story, Dream Cycle
334The Temple1920-111925-09Short Story
335Nyarlathotep1920-111920-11Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
337To Alfred Galpin, Esq.1920-11Poetry
338Theobaldian Aestivation1920-11Poetry
339From Beyond1920-11-161934-06Short Story
340The Crawling Chaos1920-121921-04Short StoryWinifred V. Jackson
341S.S.L.: Christmas 1920 1920-12Poetry
342The Picture in the House1920-12-121921-SummerShort Story
343On Receiving a Portraiture of Mrs. Berkeley, ye Poetess1920-12-25Poetry
344Sweet Ermengarde19211943Short Story
345In Defence of Dagon 1921Philosophical Works
346Untitled Fragments, from The United Amateur1921Miscellaneous Writings
347Winifred Virginia Jackson: A Different Poetess 1921Miscellaneous Writings
348Ars Gratia Artis 1921Miscellaneous Writings
349What Amateur Journalism and I Have Done for Each Other 1921Miscellaneous Writings
350Lucubrations Lovecraftian 1921Miscellaneous Writings
351Within the Gates 1921Miscellaneous Writings
352The Nameless City1921-011921-11Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
353The Prophecy of Capys Secundus1921-01-11Poetry
354To a Youth1921-02Poetry
355To Mr. Hoag1921-02Poetry
356The Quest of Iranon1921-02-281935-08Short Story, Dream Cycle
357The Pathetick History of Sir Wilful Wildrake1921-SpringPoetry
358Ex Oblivione1921-031921-03Short Story
359The Moon-Bog1921-03-101926-06Short Story
360On the Return of Maurice Winter Moe, Esq., to the Pedagogical Profession 1921-06Poetry
361The Outsider1921-Summer1926-04Short Story
362The Other Gods1921-08-141933-11Short Story, Dream Cycle
363Medusa: A Portrait1921-11-29Poetry
364The Music of Erich Zann1921-121922-03Short Story
365To Mr. Galpin1921-12Poetry
366Sir Thomas Tryout1921-12Poetry
367Four O'Clock19221949Short StorySonia Greene
368Nietzscheism and Realism 1922Philosophical Works
369East and West Harvard Conservatism 1922Philosophical Works
370Rainbow Called Best First Issue 1922Miscellaneous Writings
371The Poetry of Lilian Middleton 1922Miscellaneous Writings
372Lord Dunsany and His Work 1922Miscellaneous Writings
373A Confession of Unfaith 1922Miscellaneous Writings
374On a Poet's Ninety-first Birthday 1922-02-10Poetry
375Hypnos1922-031923-05Short Story
376Simplicity: A Poem1922-05-18Poetry
377Azathoth1922-061938-06Novel Fragment, Cthulhu Mythos
378Herbert West–Reanimator1922-061922-07Short Story
379The Horror at Martin's Beach1922-061923-11Short StorySonia Greene
380What the Moon Brings1922-06-051923-05Short Story
381To Saml: Loveman, Gent. 1922-SummerPoetry
383To Zara1922-08-31Poetry
384To Damon1922-1Poetry
385The Hound1922-101924-02Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
386The Lurking Fear1922-111923-04Short Story
387The Vivisector 1923Miscellaneous Writings
388The Haverhill Convention 1923Miscellaneous Writings
389The Convention Banquet 1923Miscellaneous Writings
390President's Messages, from The National Amateur 1923Miscellaneous Writings
391Rudis Indigestaque Moles 1923Miscellaneous Writings
392Introduction to Hoags Poetical Works 1923Miscellaneous Writings
393In the Editors Study 1923Miscellaneous Writings
394Random Notes on Philistine-Grecian Controversy 1923Miscellaneous Writings
395Review of Ebony and Crystal by Clark Ashton Smith 1923Miscellaneous Writings
396Bureau of Critics 1923Miscellaneous Writings
397Random Notes, from The Conservative 1923Miscellaneous Writings
398The President's Annual Report 1923Miscellaneous Writings
399Rursus Adsumus 1923Miscellaneous Writings
400Waste Paper1923-01Poetry
401To Rheinhart Kleiner, Esq. 1923-01Poetry
402Chloris and Damon1923-01Poetry
403To Mr. Hoag1923-02Poetry
404To Endymion1923-04Poetry
405The Feast 1923-05Poetry
406On Marblehead1923-07-10Poetry
407The Rats in the Walls1923-091924-03Short Story
408The Unnamable1923-091925-06Short Story
409To Mr. Baldwin, on Receiving a Picture of Him in a Rural Bower 1923-09-29Poetry
410The Festival1923-101925-01Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
411Lines for Poets' Night at the Scribblers' Club1923-10Poetry
412On a Scene in Rural Rhode Island1923-11-08Poetry
413Damon and Lycë 1923-12-13Poetry
414The Professional Incubus 1924Miscellaneous Writings
415The Omnipresent Philistine 1924Miscellaneous Writings
416The Work of Frank Belknap Long, Jr. 1924Miscellaneous Writings
417Imprisoned with the Pharaohs1924-021925-05Short StoryHarry Houdini
418On the Pyramids 1924-02Poetry
419To Mr. Hoag1924-02-03Poetry
420Stanzas on Samarkand I-III 1924-03Poetry
422The Shunned House1924-101937-10Short Story
423On The Thing in the Woods by Harper Williams1924-11-29Poetry
425Editorials, from The United Amateur1925Miscellaneous Writings
426News Notes 1925Miscellaneous Writings
427Diary 1925Miscellaneous Writings
428Commercial Blurbs 1925Miscellaneous Writings
429To Saml Loveman, Esq. 1925-01-14Poetry
430To George Kirk, Esq.1925-01-18Poetry
431My Favourite Character 1925-01-31Poetry
432On the Double-R Coffee House 1925-02-01Poetry
433To Mr. Hoag1925-02-10Poetry
434The Cats1925-02-15Poetry
435On Rheinhart Kleiner Being Hit by an Automobile1925-02-16Poetry
436To Xanthippe, on Her Birthday—March 16, 19251925-03Poetry
438To Frank Belknap Long on His Birthday 1925-04Poetry
439A Year Off1925-06-24Poetry
440The Horror at Red Hook1925-08-021926-12Short Story
441He1925-08-111926-09Short Story
442To an Infant 1925-08-26Poetry
443In the Vault1925-09-181925-11Short Story
444On a Politician 1925-10-27Poetry
445On a Room for Rent1925-10-27Poetry
446October 21925-10-30Poetry
447To George Willard Kirk, Gent., of Chelsea-Village, in New-York, upon His Birthday, Novr. 25, 19251925-11-24Poetry
448On Old Grimes by Albert Gorton Greene 1925-12Poetry
449Festival 1925-12Poetry
450The Materialist Today 1926Philosophical Works
451Cats and Dogs 1926Miscellaneous Writings
452Cool Air1926-021928-03Short Story
453To Jonathan Hoag 1926-02-10Poetry
454Hallowe'en in a Suburb1926-03Poetry
455In Memoriam: Oscar Incoul Verelst of Manhattan: 1920–19261926-06-28Poetry
456The Call of Cthulhu1926-091928-02Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
457Pickman's Model1926-091927-10Short Story
458Two Black Bottles1926-101927-08Short StoryWilfred Blanch Talman
459The Silver Key1926-111929-01Short Story, Dream Cycle
460The Strange High House in the Mist1926-11-091931-10Short Story
461The Return 1926-12Poetry
462Εις Σφιγγην1926-12Poetry
463The Descendant19271938Short Story Fragment
464Supernatural Horror in Literature1927Miscellaneous Writings
465Preface to Bullens White Fire 1927Miscellaneous Writings
466A Matter of Uniteds 1927Miscellaneous Writings
467The Trip of Theobald 1927Miscellaneous Writings
468Vermont – A First Impression 1927Miscellaneous Writings
469The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath1927-011943Novella, Dream Cycle
470Hedone 1927-01-03Poetry
471To Miss Beryl Hoyt 1927-02Poetry
472To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq. 1927-02Poetry
473The Colour Out of Space1927-031927-09Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
474The Case of Charles Dexter Ward1927-03-011931-06Novel, Cthulhu Mythos
475On Ambrose Bierce1927-06Poetry
476On J.F. Roy Erford 1927-06-18Poetry
477On Cheating the Post Office 1927-08-14Poetry
478History of the Necronomicon1927-Fall1938Brief Pseudo-History, Cthulhu Mythos
479On Newport, Rhode Island1927-09-17Poetry
480The Absent Leader1927-10-12Poetry
481Ave atque Vale1927-10-18Poetry
482The Last Test1927-111928-11Short StoryAdolphe de Castro
483The Thing in the Moonlight1927-111941-01Short StoryJ. Chapman Miske
484The Very Old Folk1927-11-031930-SummerLetter Excerpt
485Preface to Symmes Old World Footprints 1928Miscellaneous Writings
486Observations on Several Parts of America 1928Miscellaneous Writings
487The Curse of Yig1928-Spring1929-11Short StoryZealia Bishop
488Ibid1928-Summer1938-01Short Story
489The Dunwich Horror1928-081929-03Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
490To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman1928-12-15Poetry
491An Account of a Trip to the Fairbanks House 1929Miscellaneous Writings
492Travels in the Provinces of America 1929Miscellaneous Writings
493Notes on Hudson Valley History 1929Miscellaneous Writings
494Notes on Alias Peter Marchall by A. F. Lorenz 1929Miscellaneous Writings
495The Wood1929-01Poetry
496The Electric Executioner1929-071930-08Short StoryAdolphe de Castro
497An Epistle to the Rt. Honble Maurce Winter Moe, Esq. 1929-07Poetry
498Lines upon the Magnates of the Pulp1929-11Poetry
499Stanzas on Samarkand IV1929-11-08Poetry
500The Outpost 1929-11-26Poetry
501The Ancient Track 1929-11-26Poetry
502The Messenger1929-11-30Poetry
503The East India Brick Row 1929-12-12Poetry
504The Fungi From Yuggoth 1929-12-27Poetry
505An Account of a Visit to Charleston 1930Miscellaneous Writings
506An Account of Charleston 1930Miscellaneous Writings
507The Convention 1930Miscellaneous Writings
508Autobiography of Howard Phillips Lovecraft1930Miscellaneous Writings
509The Mound1930-011940-11Short Story, Cthulhu MythosZealia Bishop
510Veteropinguis Redivivus1930-SummerPoetry
511Medusa's Coil1930-081939-01Short StoryZealia Bishop
512The Whisperer in Darkness1930-09-261931-08Novella, Cthulhu Mythos
513Some Causes of Self-Immolation 1931Philosophical Works
514A Description of the Town of Quebeck, in New France, Lately Added to His Britannic Majesty's Dominions1931Miscellaneous Writings
515At the Mountains of Madness1931-03-221936-04Novella, Cthulhu Mythos
516To a Young Poet in Dunedin 1931-05-29Poetry
517The Trap1931-Summer1932-03Short StoryHenry S. Whitehead
518On an Unspoil'd Rural Prospect1931-08-30Poetry
519European Glimpses 1932Miscellaneous Writings
520Correspondence between Wilson Shepherd and R. H. Barlow 1932Miscellaneous Writings
521In Memoriam: Henry St. Claire Whitehead 1932Miscellaneous Writings
522Notes on Verse Technique 1932Miscellaneous Writings
523Foreword to Kuntzs Thoughts and Pictures 1932Miscellaneous Writings
524The Shadow over Innsmouth1932-021936-04Novella, Cthulhu Mythos
525The Man of Stone1932-Summer1932-10Short StoryHazel Heald
526Winged Death1932-Summer1934-03Short StoryHazel Heald
527The Horror in the Museum1932-101933-06Short StoryHazel Heald
528The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast19331933Short StoryR. H. Barlow
529The Slaying of the Monster19331933Short StoryR. H. Barlow
530Some Repetitions on the Times 1933Philosophical Works
531Some Notes on a Nonentity 1933Miscellaneous Writings
532Some Dutch Footprints in New England 1933Miscellaneous Writings
533Some Notes on a Nonentity 1933Miscellaneous Writings
534Notes on Weird Fiction 1933Miscellaneous Writings
535Weird Story Plots 1933Miscellaneous Writings
536Through the Gates of the Silver Key1933-041934-07Short Story, Dream CycleEdgar Hoffmann Price
537Out of the Aeons1933-081935-4Short StoryHazel Heald
538The Dreams in the Witch House1933-08-241933-07Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
539The Evil Clergyman1933-Fall1939-04Letter Excerpt
540The Thing on the Doorstep1933-101937-01Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
541The Book1933-101938Short Story Fragment
542The Horror in the Burying-Ground19341937-05Short StoryHazel Heald
543The Sorcery of Aphlar19341934Short StoryDuane W. Rimel
544Notes on Writing Weird Fiction 1934Miscellaneous Writings
545Mrs. Miniter – Estimates and Recollections 1934Miscellaneous Writings
546Homes and Shrines of Poe 1934Miscellaneous Writings
547The Unknown City in the Ocean 1934Miscellaneous Writings
548The Tree on the Hill1934-051940-09Short StoryDuane W. Rimel
549Bouts Rimés 1934-05-23Poetry
550The Battle that Ended the Century1934-061934-06Short StoryR. H. Barlow
551Anthem of the Kappa Alpha Tau 1934-08-07Poetry
552Edith Miniter1934-09-10Poetry
553Little Sam Perkins 1934-09-17Poetry
554Satan's Servants19351949Short StoryRobert Bloch
555Heritage or Modernism: Common Sense in Art Forms 1935Philosophical Works
556Commonplace Book 1935Miscellaneous Writings
557Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction 1935Miscellaneous Writings
558What Belongs in Verse 1935Miscellaneous Writings
559Dr. Eugene B. Kuntz 1935Miscellaneous Writings
560Till A'the Seas1935-011935-SummerShort StoryR. H. Barlow
561The Shadow Out of Time1935-02-221936-06Novella, Cthulhu Mythos
562Metrical Example1935-02-27Poetry
563Dead Passion's Flame 1935-SummerPoetry
564Arcadia 1935-SummerPoetry
565Lullaby for the Dionne Quintuplets1935-SummerPoetry
566The Challenge from Beyond1935-081935-09Short StoryC.L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long
567The Disinterment1935-091937-01Short StoryDuane W. Rimel
568The Diary of Alonzo Typer1935-101938-02Short StoryWilliam Lumley
569The Haunter of the Dark1935-11-091936-12Short Story, Cthulhu Mythos
570Objections to Orthodox Communism 1936Philosophical Works
571Bureau of Critics1936Miscellaneous Writings
572Some Current Motives and Practices 1936Miscellaneous Writings
573Charleston 1936Miscellaneous Writings
574Literary Review 1936Miscellaneous Writings
575Defining the Ideal Paper 1936Miscellaneous Writings
576Report of the Executive Judges 1936Miscellaneous Writings
577Suggestions for a Reading Guide 1936Miscellaneous Writings
578In Memoriam: Robert Ervin Howard 1936Miscellaneous Writings
579In the Walls of Eryx1936-011939-10Short StoryKenneth Sterling
580The Odes of Horace: Book III, IX1936-01-22Poetry
581The Night Ocean1936-Summer1939-WinterShort StoryR. H. Barlow
582In a Sequester'd Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walk'd 1936-08-08Poetry
583To Mr. Finlay, upon His Drawing for Mr. Bloch's Tale, The Faceless God1936-11-30Poetry
584To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., upon His Phantastick Tales, Verses, Pictures, and Sculptures1936-12-11Poetry
585Death Diary 1937Miscellaneous Writings
586Collapsing Cosmoses19381938Short StoryR. H. Barlow
587Bothon19461946Short StoryHenry S. Whitehead
588The Decline and Fall of a Man of the World UnknownPoetry
589Epigrams UnknownPoetry
590Gaudeamus UnknownPoetry
591The Greatest Law UnknownPoetry
592Life's Mystery UnknownPoetry
593On Mr. L. Phillips Howard's Profound Poem Entitled Life's Mystery UnknownPoetry
594Nathicana UnknownPoetry
595On an Accomplished Young Linguist UnknownPoetry
596The Poetical Punch Pushed from His Pedestal UnknownPoetry
597The Road to Ruin UnknownPoetry
598Saturnalia UnknownPoetry
599Sonnet Study UnknownPoetry
600Sors Poetae UnknownPoetry
601To Samuel Loveman, Esq. UnknownPoetry
602To The Scribblers UnknownPoetry
603Verses Designed to Be Sent by a Friend of the Author to His Brother-in-Law on New Year's Day UnknownPoetry
604Christmas Greetings UnknownPoetry

A Breakdown of the H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography

Okay, if the above table was too much to sort through, let’s break these writings down piece by piece. First, let’s start with the stories themselves.

H. P. Lovecraft Core Stories

  1. The Alchemist (1908)
  2. The Tomb (1917-06)
  3. Dagon (1917-07)
  4. A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1917-Fall)
  5. Polaris (1918-Spring)
  6. Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919-Spring)
  7. Memory (1919-Spring)
  8. Old Bugs (1919-07)
  9. The Transition of Juan Romero (1919-09-16)
  10. The White Ship (1919-10)
  11. The Statement of Randolph Carter (1919-12)
  12. The Street (1919-12)
  13. The Doom that Came to Sarnath (1919-12-03)
  14. The Terrible Old Man (1920-01-28)
  15. The Tree (1920-06)
  16. The Cats of Ulthar (1920-06-15)
  17. Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family (1920-Fall)
  18. Celephaïs (1920-11)
  19. The Temple (1920-11)
  20. Nyarlathotep (1920-11)
  21. From Beyond (1920-11-16)
  22. The Picture in the House (1920-12-12)
  23. Sweet Ermengarde (1921)
  24. The Nameless City (1921-01)
  25. The Quest of Iranon (1921-02-28)
  26. Ex Oblivione (1921-03)
  27. The Moon-Bog (1921-03-10)
  28. The Outsider (1921-Summer)
  29. The Other Gods (1921-08-14)
  30. The Music of Erich Zann (1921-12)
  31. Hypnos (1922-03)
  32. Azathoth (1922-06)
  33. Herbert West–Reanimator (1922-06)
  34. What the Moon Brings (1922-06-05)
  35. The Hound (1922-10)
  36. The Lurking Fear (1922-11)
  37. The Rats in the Walls (1923-09)
  38. The Unnamable (1923-09)
  39. The Festival (1923-10)
  40. The Shunned House (1924-10)
  41. The Horror at Red Hook (1925-08-02)
  42. He (1925-08-11)
  43. In the Vault (1925-09-18)
  44. Cool Air (1926-02)
  45. The Call of Cthulhu (1926-09)
  46. Pickman’s Model (1926-09)
  47. The Silver Key (1926-11)
  48. The Strange High House in the Mist (1926-11-09)
  49. The Descendant (1927)
  50. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1927-01)
  51. The Colour Out of Space (1927-03)
  52. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1927-03-01)
  53. History of the Necronomicon (1927-Fall)
  54. The Very Old Folk (1927-11-03)
  55. Ibid (1928-Summer)
  56. The Dunwich Horror (1928-08)
  57. The Whisperer in Darkness (1930-09-26)
  58. At the Mountains of Madness (1931-03-22)
  59. The Shadow over Innsmouth (1932-02)
  60. The Dreams in the Witch House (1933-08-24)
  61. The Evil Clergyman (1933-Fall)
  62. The Thing on the Doorstep (1933-10)
  63. The Book (1933-10)
  64. The Shadow Out of Time (1935-02-22)
  65. The Haunter of the Dark (1935-11-09)

H. P. Lovecraft Collaborations and Ghost Writing

In addition to all his own stories, H. P. Lovecraft often worked with someone else, either as a collaborator or a ghostwriter, these tales include:

  1. The Green Meadow (1919) (with Winifred V. Jackson)
  2. Poetry and the Gods (1920-Summer) (with Anna Helen Crofts)
  3. The Crawling Chaos (1920-12) (with Winifred V. Jackson)
  4. Four O’Clock (1922) (with Sonia Greene)
  5. The Horror at Martin’s Beach (1922-06) (with Sonia Greene)
  6. Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (1924-02) (with Harry Houdini)
  7. Two Black Bottles (1926-10) (with Wilfred Blanch Talman)
  8. The Last Test (1927-11) (with Adolphe de Castro)
  9. The Thing in the Moonlight (1927-11) (with J. Chapman Miske)
  10. The Curse of Yig (1928-Spring) (with Zealia Bishop)
  11. The Electric Executioner (1929-07) (with Adolphe de Castro)
  12. The Mound (1930-01) (with Zealia Bishop)
  13. Medusa’s Coil (1930-08) (with Zealia Bishop)
  14. The Trap (1931-Summer) (with Henry S. Whitehead)
  15. The Man of Stone (1932-Summer) (with Hazel Heald)
  16. Winged Death (1932-Summer) (with Hazel Heald)
  17. The Horror in the Museum (1932-10) (with Hazel Heald)
  18. The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast (1933) (with R. H. Barlow)
  19. The Slaying of the Monster (1933) (with R. H. Barlow)
  20. Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1933-04) (with Edgar Hoffmann Price)
  21. Out of the Aeons (1933-08) (with Hazel Heald)
  22. The Horror in the Burying-Ground (1934) (with Hazel Heald)
  23. The Sorcery of Aphlar (1934) (with Duane W. Rimel)
  24. The Tree on the Hill (1934-05) (with Duane W. Rimel)
  25. The Battle that Ended the Century (1934-06) (with R. H. Barlow)
  26. Satan’s Servants (1935) (with Robert Bloch)
  27. Till A’the Seas (1935-01) (with R. H. Barlow)
  28. The Challenge from Beyond (1935-08) (with C.L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long)
  29. The Disinterment (1935-09) (with Duane W. Rimel)
  30. The Diary of Alonzo Typer (1935-10) (with William Lumley)
  31. In the Walls of Eryx (1936-01) (with Kenneth Sterling)
  32. The Night Ocean (1936-Summer) (with R. H. Barlow)
  33. Collapsing Cosmoses (1938) (with R. H. Barlow)
  34. Bothon (1946) (with Henry S. Whitehead)

The Cthulhu Mythos

Not all of Lovecraft’s work made up what we now know as the Cthulhu Mythos. In fact, most of it was not considered an actual mythology, but more like various elements that Lovecraft revisited now and again. 

That said, there are a few stories that are largely considered to make up the core of the mythos, and these include:

  1. Dagon (1917-07)
  2. Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919-Spring)
  3. Nyarlathotep (1920-11)
  4. The Nameless City (1921-01)
  5. Azathoth (1922-06)
  6. The Hound (1922-10)
  7. The Festival (1923-10)
  8. The Call of Cthulhu (1926-09)
  9. The Colour Out of Space (1927-03)
  10. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1927-03-01)
  11. History of the Necronomicon (1927-Fall)
  12. The Dunwich Horror (1928-08)
  13. The Mound (1930-01)
  14. The Whisperer in Darkness (1930-09-26)
  15. At the Mountains of Madness (1931-03-22)
  16. The Shadow over Innsmouth (1932-02)
  17. The Dreams in the Witch House (1933-08-24)
  18. The Thing on the Doorstep (1933-10)
  19. The Shadow Out of Time (1935-02-22)
  20. The Haunter of the Dark (1935-11-09)

The Dream Cycle

The other well known cycle (with some debate on whether it fits with the Cthulhu Mythos) is the Dream Cycle, which consists of the following stories:

  • Polaris (1918-Spring)
  • The White Ship (1919-10)
  • The Statement of Randolph Carter (1919-12)
  • The Doom that Came to Sarnath (1919-12-03)
  • The Tree (1920-06)
  • The Cats of Ulthar (1920-06-15)
  • Celephaïs (1920-11)
  • The Quest of Iranon (1921-02-28)
  • The Other Gods (1921-08-14)
  • The Silver Key (1926-11)
  • The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1927-01)
  • Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1933-04)

Juvenile Writings

When Lovecraft was just a boy, he was already flexing his literary muscles, resulting in several short stories, some of which we don’t have access to today, but only know about. These include:

  • The Noble Eavesdropper (1897)
  • The Little Glass Bottle (1899)
  • The Mystery of the Grave-Yard (1899)
  • The Secret Cave, or John Lees Adventure (1899)
  • The Haunted House (1902)
  • John, the Detective (1902)
  • The Mysterious Ship (1902)
  • The Secret of the Grave (1902)
  • The Beast in the Cave (1905-04-21)
  • The Picture (1907)


Lovecraft wrote a TON of poetry, even though that’s not what he’s known for today. A sampling of this poetry (the stuff we know about) includes:

  1. The Poem of Ulysses, or The Odyssey (1897-11-08)
  2. H. Lovecraft’s Attempted Journey betwixt Providence & Fall River on the N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R. (1901)
  3. Ovid’s Metamorphoses [1898–1902] (1902)
  4. Poemata Minora, Volume II (1902)
  5. C.S.A. 1861–1865: To the Starry Cross of the SOUTH (1902)
  6. De Triumpho Naturae  (1905-07)
  7. To His Mother on Thanksgiving (1911-11-30)
  8. The Members of the Men’s Club of the First Universalist Church of Providence (1912)
  9. On the Creation of Niggers (1912)
  10. Fragment on Whitman (1912)
  11. On Robert Browning (1912)
  12. Providence in 2000 A.D. (1912-03-04)
  13. New-England Fallen  (1912-04)
  14. To Mr. Terhune, on His Historical Fiction  (1913)
  15. Quinsnicket Park (1913)
  16. On a New-England Village Seen by Moonlight  (1913-09-07)
  17. Gryphus in Asinum Mutatus (1914)
  18. To Mr. Munroe, on His Instructive and Entertaining Account of Switzerland (1914-01-01)
  19. Ad Criticos (1914-05)
  20. Frusta Praemunitus (1914-06)
  21. De Scriptore Mulieroso (1914-06)
  22. To General Villa  (1914-Summer)
  23. On a Modern Lothario (1914-08)
  24. The End of the Jackson War  (1914-10)
  25. To the Members of the Pin-Feathers on the Merits of Their Organisation (1914-11)
  26. To the Rev. James Pyke (1914-11)
  27. Regner Lodbrog’s Epicedium (1914-12)
  28. To an Accomplished Young Gentlewoman on Her Birthday, Decr. 2, 1914 (1914-12-02)
  29. The Power of Wine: A Satire  (1914-12-08)
  30. The Teuton’s Battle-Song (1914-12-17)
  31. New England (1914-12-18)
  32. To the Members of the United Amateur Press Association from the Providence Amateur Press Club  (1915-01-01)
  33. March  (1915-03)
  34. 1914 (1915-03)
  35. The Simple Speller’s Tale (1915-04)
  36. On Slang  (1915-04)
  37. An Elegy on Franklin Chase Clark, M.D.  (1915-04-29)
  38. The Bay-Stater’s Policy (1915-06)
  39. The Crime of Crimes (1915-07)
  40. Ye Ballade of Patrick von Flynn (1915-08-23)
  41. The Issacsonio-Mortoniad  (1915-09-14)
  42. On Receiving a Picture of Swans  (1915-09-14)
  43. Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea (1915-09-30)
  44. On Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea (1915-09-30)
  45. To Charlie of the Comics  (1915-09-30)
  46. Gems from in a Minor Key (1915-10)
  47. The State of Poetry (1915-10)
  48. The Magazine Poet (1915-10)
  49. A Mississippi Autumn  (1915-12)
  50. On the Cowboys of the West  (1915-12)
  51. To Samuel Loveman, Esquire, on His Poetry and Drama, Written in the Elizabethan Style  (1915-12)
  52. The Poe-et’s Nightmare (1916)
  53. An American to Mother England  (1916-01)
  54. The Bookstall  (1916-01)
  55. A Rural Summer Eve  (1916-01)
  56. To the Late John H. Fowler, Esq. (1916-03)
  57. Temperance Song (1916-Spring)
  58. R. Kleiner, Laureatus, in Heliconem (1916-04)
  59. Lines on Gen. Robert Edward Lee (1916-05-18)
  60. Content (1916-06)
  61. My Lost Love  (1916-06-10)
  62. The Beauties of Peace (1916-06-27)
  63. The Smile (1916-07)
  64. Epitaph on ye Letterr Rrr……..  (1916-08-29)
  65. The Dead Bookworm (1916-08-29)
  66. On Phillips Gamwell (1916-09-01)
  67. Inspiration  (1916-10)
  68. Respite (1916-10)
  69. The Rose of England  (1916-10)
  70. The Unknown  (1916-10)
  71. Ad Balneum  (1916-10)
  72. On Kelso the Poet (1916-10)
  73. Providence Amateur Press Club (Deceased) to the Athenaeum Club of Journalism (1916-11-24)
  74. Brotherhood (1916-12)
  75. Brumalia (1916-12)
  76. To the Nurses of the Red Cross (1917)
  77. The Introduction (1917)
  78. A Summer Sunset and Evening (1917)
  79. Futurist Art (1917-01)
  80. On Receiving a Picture of the Marshes of Ipswich  (1917-01)
  81. The Rutted Road (1917-01)
  82. An Elegy on Phillips Gamwell, Esq.  (1917-01-05)
  83. Lines on Graduation from the R.I. Hospital’s School of Nurses  (1917-01-13)
  84. Fact and Fancy  (1917-02)
  85. The Nymph’s Reply to the Modern Business Man  (1917-02)
  86. Pacifist War Song—1917  (1917-03)
  87. Percival Lowell  (1917-03)
  88. To Mr. Lockhart, on His Poetry  (1917-03)
  89. Britannia Victura (1917-04)
  90. Spring  (1917-04)
  91. A Garden (1917-04)
  92. Sonnet on Myself (1917-04)
  93. April  (1917-04-24)
  94. Iterum Conjunctae (1917-05)
  95. The Peace Advocate (1917-05)
  96. To Greece, 1917  (1917-05)
  97. On Receiving a Picture of ye Towne of Templeton (1917-06)
  98. The Poet of Passion (1917-06)
  99. Earth and Sky  (1917-07)
  100. Ode for July Fourth, 1917 (1917-07)
  101. On the Death of a Rhyming Critic (1917-07)
  102. Prologue to Fragments from an Hour of Inspiration by Jonathan E. Hoag (1917-07)
  103. To M.W.M. (1917-07)
  104. To the Incomparable Clorinda (1917-07)
  105. To Saccharissa, Fairest of Her Sex  (1917-07)
  106. To Rhodoclia—Peerless among Maidens (1917-07)
  107. To Belinda, Favourite of the Graces (1917-07)
  108. To Heliodora—Sister of Cytheraea  (1917-07)
  109. Grace (1917-07)
  110. The Link  (1917-07)
  111. To Alan Seeger  (1917-07)
  112. To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema (1917-08)
  113. August  (1917-08)
  114. Damon and Delia, a Pastoral  (1917-08)
  115. Phaeton (1917-08)
  116. To Arthur Goodenough, Esq. (1917-08-20)
  117. Hellas (1917-09)
  118. To Delia, Avoiding Damon  (1917-09)
  119. Alfredo; a Tragedy (1917-09-14)
  120. The Eidolon  (1917-10)
  121. Monos: An Ode (1917-10)
  122. An American to the British Flag (1917-11)
  123. Autumn  (1917-11)
  124. Germania—1918 (1917-11)
  125. Nemesis (1917-11-01)
  126. To Col. Linkaby Didd  (1917-11-01)
  127. Astrophobos (1917-11-25)
  128. Lines on the 25th. Anniversary of the Providence Evening News, 1892–1917 (1917-12)
  129. Sunset  (1917-12)
  130. Old Christmas (1917-12)
  131. To the Arcadian (1917-12)
  132. Ambition (1917-12)
  133. A Cycle of Verse (1917-12)
  134. The Conscript  (1918)
  135. A Winter Wish  (1918-01-02)
  136. Laeta; a Lament (1918-02)
  137. To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq. (1918-02)
  138. The Volunteer  (1918-02)
  139. Ad Britannos—1918 (1918-04)
  140. Ver Rusticum (1918-04-01)
  141. To Mr. Kleiner, on Receiving from Him the Poetical Works of Addison, Gay, and Somerville (1918-04-10)
  142. A Pastoral Tragedy of Appleton, Wisconsin (1918-05-27)
  143. On a Battlefield in Picardy  (1918-05-30)
  144. A June Afternoon  (1918-06)
  145. The Spirit of Summer  (1918-06-27)
  146. Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme (1918-Summer)
  147. To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the Christmas Pippin (1918-12)
  148. To the Eighth of November  (1918-12-13)
  149. Greetings (1919-01)
  150. Theodore Roosevelt (1919-01)
  151. To Maj.-Gen. Omar Bundy, U.S.A. (1919-01)
  152. To Jonathan Hoag, Esq.  (1919-02)
  153. Despair  (1919-02-19)
  154. In Memoriam: J.E.T.D. (1919-03)
  155. Revelation  (1919-03)
  156. April Dawn (1919-04-10)
  157. Amissa Minerva  (1919-05)
  158. Damon: A Monody  (1919-05)
  159. Hylas and Myrrha: A Tale (1919-05)
  160. North and South Britons  (1919-05)
  161. To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the May Pippin (1919-05)
  162. Helene Hoffman Cole: 1893–1919 (1919-06)
  163. John Oldham: A Defence (1919-06)
  164. On Prohibition (1919-06-30)
  165. Myrrha and Strephon (1919-07)
  166. The House (1919-07-16)
  167. Monody on the Late King Alcohol (1919-08)
  168. The Pensive Swain (1919-10)
  169. The City (1919-10)
  170. 7230 (1919-10)
  171. On Collaboration  (1919-10-20)
  172. To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany (1919-11)
  173. Wisdom (1919-11)
  174. Birthday Lines to Margfred Galbraham (1919-11)
  175. The Nightmare Lake (1919-12)
  176. Bells (1919-12-11)
  177. January (1920-01)
  178. To Phillis (1920-01)
  179. Tryout’s Lament for the Vanished Spider (1920-01)
  180. Ad Scribam (1920-02)
  181. On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder (1920-03)
  182. To a Dreamer (1920-04-25)
  183. Cindy: Scrub Lady in a State Street Skyscraper (1920-06)
  184. The Poet’s Rash Excuse  (1920-07)
  185. With a Copy of Wilde’s Fairy Tales (1920-07)
  186. Ex-Poet’s Reply (1920-07)
  187. To Two Epgephi  (1920-07)
  188. On Religion (1920-08)
  189. The Voice (1920-08)
  190. On a Grecian Colonnade in a Park  (1920-08-20)
  191. The Dream (1920-09)
  192. 44835 (1920-10)
  193. To S.S.L.—Oct 17, 1920  (1920-10)
  194. Christmas (1920-11)
  195. To Alfred Galpin, Esq. (1920-11)
  196. Theobaldian Aestivation (1920-11)
  197. S.S.L.: Christmas 1920  (1920-12)
  198. On Receiving a Portraiture of Mrs. Berkeley, ye Poetess (1920-12-25)
  199. The Prophecy of Capys Secundus (1921-01-11)
  200. To a Youth (1921-02)
  201. To Mr. Hoag (1921-02)
  202. The Pathetick History of Sir Wilful Wildrake (1921-Spring)
  203. On the Return of Maurice Winter Moe, Esq., to the Pedagogical Profession  (1921-06)
  204. Medusa: A Portrait (1921-11-29)
  205. To Mr. Galpin (1921-12)
  206. Sir Thomas Tryout (1921-12)
  207. On a Poet’s Ninety-first Birthday  (1922-02-10)
  208. Simplicity: A Poem (1922-05-18)
  209. To Saml: Loveman, Gent.  (1922-Summer)
  210. Plaster-All (1922-08)
  211. To Zara (1922-08-31)
  212. To Damon (1922-1)
  213. Waste Paper (1923-01)
  214. To Rheinhart Kleiner, Esq.  (1923-01)
  215. Chloris and Damon (1923-01)
  216. To Mr. Hoag (1923-02)
  217. To Endymion (1923-04)
  218. The Feast  (1923-05)
  219. On Marblehead (1923-07-10)
  220. To Mr. Baldwin, on Receiving a Picture of Him in a Rural Bower  (1923-09-29)
  221. Lines for Poets’ Night at the Scribblers’ Club (1923-10)
  222. On a Scene in Rural Rhode Island (1923-11-08)
  223. Damon and Lycë  (1923-12-13)
  224. On the Pyramids  (1924-02)
  225. To Mr. Hoag (1924-02-03)
  226. Stanzas on Samarkand I-III  (1924-03)
  227. Providence (1924-09-26)
  228. On The Thing in the Woods by Harper Williams (1924-11-29)
  229. Solstice (1924-12-25)
  230. To Saml Loveman, Esq.  (1925-01-14)
  231. To George Kirk, Esq. (1925-01-18)
  232. My Favourite Character  (1925-01-31)
  233. On the Double-R Coffee House  (1925-02-01)
  234. To Mr. Hoag (1925-02-10)
  235. The Cats (1925-02-15)
  236. On Rheinhart Kleiner Being Hit by an Automobile (1925-02-16)
  237. To Xanthippe, on Her Birthday—March 16, 1925 (1925-03)
  238. Primavera (1925-04)
  239. To Frank Belknap Long on His Birthday  (1925-04)
  240. A Year Off (1925-06-24)
  241. To an Infant  (1925-08-26)
  242. On a Politician  (1925-10-27)
  243. On a Room for Rent (1925-10-27)
  244. 44836 (1925-10-30)
  245. To George Willard Kirk, Gent., of Chelsea-Village, in New-York, upon His Birthday, Novr. 25, 1925 (1925-11-24)
  246. On Old Grimes by Albert Gorton Greene  (1925-12)
  247. Festival  (1925-12)
  248. To Jonathan Hoag  (1926-02-10)
  249. Hallowe’en in a Suburb (1926-03)
  250. In Memoriam: Oscar Incoul Verelst of Manhattan: 1920–1926 (1926-06-28)
  251. The Return  (1926-12)
  252. Εις Σφιγγην (1926-12)
  253. Hedone  (1927-01-03)
  254. To Miss Beryl Hoyt  (1927-02)
  255. To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq.  (1927-02)
  256. On Ambrose Bierce (1927-06)
  257. On J.F. Roy Erford  (1927-06-18)
  258. On Cheating the Post Office  (1927-08-14)
  259. On Newport, Rhode Island (1927-09-17)
  260. The Absent Leader (1927-10-12)
  261. Ave atque Vale (1927-10-18)
  262. To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman (1928-12-15)
  263. The Wood (1929-01)
  264. An Epistle to the Rt. Honble Maurce Winter Moe, Esq.  (1929-07)
  265. Lines upon the Magnates of the Pulp (1929-11)
  266. Stanzas on Samarkand IV (1929-11-08)
  267. The Outpost  (1929-11-26)
  268. The Ancient Track  (1929-11-26)
  269. The Messenger (1929-11-30)
  270. The East India Brick Row  (1929-12-12)
  271. The Fungi From Yuggoth  (1929-12-27)
  272. Veteropinguis Redivivus (1930-Summer)
  273. To a Young Poet in Dunedin  (1931-05-29)
  274. On an Unspoil’d Rural Prospect (1931-08-30)
  275. Bouts Rimés  (1934-05-23)
  276. Anthem of the Kappa Alpha Tau  (1934-08-07)
  277. Edith Miniter (1934-09-10)
  278. Little Sam Perkins  (1934-09-17)
  279. Metrical Example (1935-02-27)
  280. Dead Passion’s Flame  (1935-Summer)
  281. Arcadia  (1935-Summer)
  282. Lullaby for the Dionne Quintuplets (1935-Summer)
  283. The Odes of Horace: Book III, IX (1936-01-22)
  284. In a Sequester’d Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walk’d  (1936-08-08)
  285. To Mr. Finlay, upon His Drawing for Mr. Bloch’s Tale, The Faceless God (1936-11-30)
  286. To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., upon His Phantastick Tales, Verses, Pictures, and Sculptures (1936-12-11)
  287. The Decline and Fall of a Man of the World  (Unknown)
  288. Epigrams  (Unknown)
  289. Gaudeamus  (Unknown)
  290. The Greatest Law  (Unknown)
  291. Life’s Mystery  (Unknown)
  292. On Mr. L. Phillips Howard’s Profound Poem Entitled Life’s Mystery  (Unknown)
  293. Nathicana  (Unknown)
  294. On an Accomplished Young Linguist  (Unknown)
  295. The Poetical Punch Pushed from His Pedestal  (Unknown)
  296. The Road to Ruin  (Unknown)
  297. Saturnalia  (Unknown)
  298. Sonnet Study  (Unknown)
  299. Sors Poetae  (Unknown)
  300. To Samuel Loveman, Esq.  (Unknown)
  301. To The Scribblers  (Unknown)
  302. Verses Designed to Be Sent by a Friend of the Author to His Brother-in-Law on New Year’s Day  (Unknown)
  303. Christmas Greetings  (Unknown)

Philosophical Writings

His philosophical work included a number of pieces, including:

  1. The Crime of the Century  (1915)
  2. The Renaissance of Manhood  (1915)
  3. Liquor and Its Friends  (1915)
  4. More Chain Lightning  (1915)
  5. Old England and the Hyphen  (1916)
  6. Revolutionary Mythology  (1916)
  7. The Symphonic Ideal  (1916)
  8. Editors Note to McGavacks Genesis of the Revolutionary War  (1917)
  9. A Remarkable Document  (1917)
  10. At the Root  (1918)
  11. Merlinus Redivivus  (1918)
  12. Time and Space  (1918)
  13. Anglo Saxondom  (1918)
  14. Americanism  (1919)
  15. The League  (1919)
  16. Bolshevism  (1919)
  17. Idealism and Materialism – A Reflection  (1919)
  18. Life for Humanity’s Sake  (1920)
  19. In Defence of Dagon  (1921)
  20. Nietzscheism and Realism  (1922)
  21. East and West Harvard Conservatism  (1922)
  22. The Materialist Today  (1926)
  23. Some Causes of Self-Immolation  (1931)
  24. Some Repetitions on the Times  (1933)
  25. Heritage or Modernism: Common Sense in Art Forms  (1935)
  26. Objections to Orthodox Communism  (1936)

Scientific Writing

His scientific writing included several pieces, going all the way back to an early age when he published an amateur astronomy paper. These pieces include:

  1. The Art of Fusion, Melting Pudling & Casting  (1899)
  2. Chemistry, 4 volumes (1899)
  3. A Good Anaesthetic (1899)
  4. The Railroad Review (1901)
  5. The Moon  (1903)
  6. The Scientific Gazette  (1904)
  7. Astronomy/The Monthly Almanack (1904)
  8. Annals of the Providence Observatory  (1904)
  9. Providence Observatory Forecast  (1904)
  10. The Science Library, 3 volumes  (1904)
  11. Astronomy articles for The Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner  (1906)
  12. Third Annual Report of the Providence Meteorological Station (1906)
  13. The Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy  (1907)
  14. Celestial Objects for All (1907)
  15. Astronomy articles for The Providence Tribune (1908)
  16. Bickerstaffe articles from The Providence Evening News (1914)
  17. Science versus Charlatanry  (1914-09-09)
  18. The Falsity of Astrology (1914-10-10)
  19. Astrology and the Future (1914-10-13)
  20. Delavan’s Comet and Astrology (1914-10-26)
  21. The Fall of Astrology  (1914-12-17)
  22. Astronomical Notebook  (1915)
  23. Astronomy articles for The Asheville Gazette-News  (1915)
  24. Editor’s Note to MacManus’ The Irish and the Fairies  (1916)
  25. The Truth about Mars  (1917)
  26. Astronomy articles for The Providence Evening News  (1918)

Miscellaneous Pieces

Lastly, there are a few other correspondences and other pieces that don’t quite fit the above categories. These include:

  1. A Task for Amateur Journalists  (1914)
  2. What Is Amateur Journalism?  (1915)
  3. Consolidations Autopsy  (1915)
  4. Consolidation’s Autopsy  (1915)
  5. The Amateur Press  (1915)
  6. The Morris Faction  (1915)
  7. For President – Leo Fritter  (1915)
  8. Introducing Mr. Chester Pierce Munroe  (1915)
  9. The Question of the Day  (1915)
  10. Random Notes, from The Conservative  (1915)
  11. Editorials, from The Conservative  (1915)
  12. Finale  (1915)
  13. New Department Proposed: Instruction for the New Recruit  (1915)
  14. Amateur Notes  (1915)
  15. Some Political Phases  (1915)
  16. Introducing Mr. John Russell  (1915)
  17. In a Major Key  (1915)
  18. The Conservative and His Critics  (1915)
  19. The Dignity of Journalism  (1915)
  20. The Youth of Today  (1915)
  21. An Impartial Spectator  (1915)
  22. Symphony and Stress  (1915)
  23. Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs  (1915)
  24. Metrical Regularity  (1915)
  25. The Allowable Rhyme  (1915)
  26. Reports of the First Vice-President (1916)
  27. Systematic Instruction in the United (1916)
  28. The Proposed Authors Union  (1916)
  29. Introducing Mr. James T. Pyke  (1916)
  30. Editorial, from The Providence Amateur  (1916)
  31. United Amateur Press Association: Exponent of Amateur Journalism  (1916)
  32. Among the New-Comers  (1916)
  33. Among the Amateurs  (1916)
  34. The Vers Libre Epidemic  (1917)
  35. Concerning Persia – In Europe  (1917)
  36. Amateur Standards  (1917)
  37. A Request  (1917)
  38. A Reply to The Lingerer  (1917)
  39. Editorially  (1917)
  40. News Notes  (1917)
  41. The United’s Problem  (1917)
  42. Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs  (1917)
  43. President’s Messages, from The United Amateur  (1918)
  44. Poesy  (1918)
  45. The Despised Pastoral  (1918)
  46. The Literature of Rome  (1918)
  47. The Simple Spelling Mania  (1918)
  48. Comment  (1918)
  49. Les Mouches fantastiques  (1918)
  50. Amateur Criticism  (1918)
  51. The United: 1917–1918  (1918)
  52. The Amateur Press Club  (1918)
  53. Departments of Public Criticism (1919)
  54. The Case for Classicism  (1919)
  55. Literary Composition  (1919)
  56. Helene Hoffman Cole – Littérateur  (1919)
  57. Trimmings  (1919)
  58. For Official Editor – Anne Tillery Renshaw  (1919)
  59. Amateurdom  (1919)
  60. The Brief Autobiography of an Inconsequential Scribbler  (1919)
  61. Looking Backward  (1920)
  62. For What Does the United Stand?  (1920)
  63. Untitled, from The Tryout  (1920)
  64. Editor’s Note to Loveman’s A Scene for Macbeth  (1920)
  65. Amateur Journalism – Its Possible Needs and Betterment  (1920)
  66. The Pseudo-United  (1920)
  67. Untitled Fragments, from The United Amateur (1921)
  68. Winifred Virginia Jackson: A Different Poetess  (1921)
  69. Ars Gratia Artis  (1921)
  70. What Amateur Journalism and I Have Done for Each Other  (1921)
  71. Lucubrations Lovecraftian  (1921)
  72. Within the Gates  (1921)
  73. Rainbow Called Best First Issue  (1922)
  74. The Poetry of Lilian Middleton  (1922)
  75. Lord Dunsany and His Work  (1922)
  76. A Confession of Unfaith  (1922)
  77. The Vivisector  (1923)
  78. The Haverhill Convention  (1923)
  79. The Convention Banquet  (1923)
  80. President’s Messages, from The National Amateur  (1923)
  81. Rudis Indigestaque Moles  (1923)
  82. Introduction to Hoags Poetical Works  (1923)
  83. In the Editors Study  (1923)
  84. Random Notes on Philistine-Grecian Controversy  (1923)
  85. Review of Ebony and Crystal by Clark Ashton Smith  (1923)
  86. Bureau of Critics  (1923)
  87. Random Notes, from The Conservative  (1923)
  88. The President’s Annual Report  (1923)
  89. Rursus Adsumus  (1923)
  90. The Professional Incubus  (1924)
  91. The Omnipresent Philistine  (1924)
  92. The Work of Frank Belknap Long, Jr.  (1924)
  93. Editorials, from The United Amateur (1925)
  94. News Notes  (1925)
  95. Diary  (1925)
  96. Commercial Blurbs  (1925)
  97. Cats and Dogs  (1926)
  98. Supernatural Horror in Literature (1927)
  99. Preface to Bullens White Fire  (1927)
  100. A Matter of Uniteds  (1927)
  101. The Trip of Theobald  (1927)
  102. Vermont – A First Impression  (1927)
  103. Preface to Symmes Old World Footprints  (1928)
  104. Observations on Several Parts of America  (1928)
  105. An Account of a Trip to the Fairbanks House  (1929)
  106. Travels in the Provinces of America  (1929)
  107. Notes on Hudson Valley History  (1929)
  108. Notes on Alias Peter Marchall by A. F. Lorenz  (1929)
  109. An Account of a Visit to Charleston  (1930)
  110. An Account of Charleston  (1930)
  111. The Convention  (1930)
  112. Autobiography of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1930)
  113. A Description of the Town of Quebeck, in New France, Lately Added to His Britannic Majesty’s Dominions (1931)
  114. European Glimpses  (1932)
  115. Correspondence between Wilson Shepherd and R. H. Barlow  (1932)
  116. In Memoriam: Henry St. Claire Whitehead  (1932)
  117. Notes on Verse Technique  (1932)
  118. Foreword to Kuntzs Thoughts and Pictures  (1932)
  119. Some Notes on a Nonentity  (1933)
  120. Some Dutch Footprints in New England  (1933)
  121. Some Notes on a Nonentity  (1933)
  122. Notes on Weird Fiction  (1933)
  123. Weird Story Plots  (1933)
  124. Notes on Writing Weird Fiction  (1934)
  125. Mrs. Miniter – Estimates and Recollections  (1934)
  126. Homes and Shrines of Poe  (1934)
  127. The Unknown City in the Ocean  (1934)
  128. Commonplace Book  (1935)
  129. Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction  (1935)
  130. What Belongs in Verse  (1935)
  131. Dr. Eugene B. Kuntz  (1935)
  132. Bureau of Critics (1936)
  133. Some Current Motives and Practices  (1936)
  134. Charleston  (1936)
  135. Literary Review  (1936)
  136. Defining the Ideal Paper  (1936)
  137. Report of the Executive Judges  (1936)
  138. Suggestions for a Reading Guide  (1936)
  139. In Memoriam: Robert Ervin Howard  (1936)
  140. Death Diary  (1937)

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