Black Mask Magazine: A Complete List of Issues and History

Black Mask, in its day, was the leading crime and detective fiction magazine in the world of pulps. It has since lost a bit of its wide-spread fame, and certain editions are hard to find these days. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most important contributions of pulp magazines.

What is Black Mask Magazine?

Black Mask was one of the top pulp magazines that originated in the 1920s. At one time, it was the biggest magazine in its genre, peaking in the 1930s. According to the magazine, it offered, “the best stories available of adventure, the best mystery and detective stories, the best romances, the best love stories, and the best stories of the occult.”

If you’re interested in learning about the history of crime and detective fiction, this is one great place to start.

What’s in this List of Black Mask Magazines?

This list attempts to list all the issues for which we can find information on the web. Black Mask unfortunately is lacking in data, and we haven’t been able to learn much about how many issues were published and when.

However, the issues we were able to find also have accompanying PDFs, so if you look at the list, you’ll find links to a PDF of each known issue. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

And if you have more information about this magazine or other pulp magazines, be sure to let us know and we can update the page accordingly. Thank you for visiting!

#Get ItNameDateEditorArtistContains
1The Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 11920-04-01F. M. Osborne
2The Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 21920-05-01F. M. Osborne
3The Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 31920-06-01F. M. Osborne
4The Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 41920-07-01F. M. Osborne
5PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 51920-08-01F. M. Osborne
6PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 61920-09-01F. M. Osborne
7The Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 11920-10-01F. M. Osborne
8PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 21920-11-01F. M. Osborne
9The Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 31920-12-01F. M. Osborne
10The Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 41921-01-01F. M. Osborne
11The Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 51921-02-01F. M. Osborne
12The Black Mask Vol. 2, No. 61921-03-01F. M. Osborne
13The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 11921-04-01F. M. Osborne
14The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 21921-05-01F. M. Osborne
15The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 31921-06-01F. M. Osborne
16The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 41921-07-01F. M. Osborne
17The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 51921-08-01F. M. Osborne
18The Black Mask Vol. 3, No. 61921-09-01F. M. Osborne
19The Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 11921-10-01F. M. Osborne
20The Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 21921-11-01F. M. Osborne
21PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 31921-12-01F. M. Osborne
22The Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 41922-01-01F. M. Osborne
23The Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 51922-02-01F. M. Osborne
24The Black Mask Vol. 4, No. 61922-03-01F. M. Osborne
25PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 11922-04-01F. M. Osborne
26The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 21922-05-01F. M. Osborne
27The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 31922-06-01F. M. Osborne
28The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 41922-07-01F. M. Osborne
29PDFThe Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 51922-08-01F. M. Osborne
30The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 61922-09-01F. M. Osborne
31The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 71922-10-01George W. Sutton Jr.
32The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 81922-11-01George W. Sutton Jr.
33The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 91922-12-01George W. Sutton Jr.
34The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 101923-01-01George W. Sutton Jr.
35The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 111923-02-01George W. Sutton Jr.
36The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 121923-02-15George W. Sutton Jr.
37The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 131923-03-01George W. Sutton Jr.
38The Black Mask Vol. 5, No. 141923-03-15George W. Sutton Jr.
39The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 11923-04-01George W. Sutton Jr.
40The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 21923-04-15George W. Sutton Jr.
41The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 31923-05-01George W. Sutton Jr.
42The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 41923-05-15George W. Sutton Jr.
43The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 51923-06-01George W. Sutton Jr.
44The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 61923-06-15George W. Sutton Jr.
45The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 71923-07-01George W. Sutton Jr.
46The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 81923-07-15George W. Sutton Jr.
47The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 91923-08-01George W. Sutton Jr.
48The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 101923-08-15George W. Sutton Jr.
49The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 111923-09-01George W. Sutton Jr.
50The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 121923-09-15George W. Sutton Jr. Henry C. Murphy
51The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 131923-10-01George W. Sutton Jr. John Decker
52The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 141923-10-15George W. Sutton Jr. Lewis Kennerly
53The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 151923-11-01George W. Sutton Jr. L. L. Balcom
54The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 161923-11-15George W. Sutton Jr.
55The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 171923-12-01George W. Sutton Jr.
56The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 181923-12-15George W. Sutton Jr.
57The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 191924-01-01George W. Sutton Jr.
58The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 201924-01-15George W. Sutton Jr.
59The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 211924-02-01George W. Sutton Jr.
60The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 221924-02-15George W. Sutton Jr.
61The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 231924-03-01George W. Sutton Jr. Henry C. Murphy
62The Black Mask Vol. 6, No. 241924-03-15George W. Sutton Jr.
63The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 11924-04-01Philip C. Cody
64The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 21924-04-15Philip C. Cody
65The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 31924-05-01Philip C. CodyHenry C. Murphy
66The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 41924-06-01Philip C. Cody
67The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 51924-07-01Philip C. Cody
68The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 61924-08-01Philip C. Cody
69The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 71924-09-01Philip C. Cody
70The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 81924-10-01Philip C. Cody
71The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 91924-11-01Philip C. Cody
72The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 101924-12-01Philip C. Cody
73The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 111925-01-01Philip C. Cody
74The Black Mask Vol. 7, No. 121925-02-01Philip C. Cody
75The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 11925-03-01Philip C. Cody
76The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 21925-04-01Philip C. Cody
77The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 31925-05-01Philip C. Cody
78The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 41925-06-01Philip C. Cody
79The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 51925-07-01Philip C. Cody
80The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 61925-08-01Philip C. Cody
81The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 71925-09-01Philip C. Cody
82The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 81925-10-01Philip C. Cody
83The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 91925-11-01Philip C. Cody
84The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 101925-12-01Philip C. Cody
85The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 111926-01-01Philip C. Cody
86The Black Mask Vol. 8, No. 121926-02-01Philip C. Cody
87The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 11926-03-01Philip C. Cody
88The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 21926-04-01Philip C. Cody
89The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 31926-05-01Philip C. Cody
90The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 41926-06-01Philip C. Cody
91The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 51926-07-01Philip C. Cody
92The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 61926-08-01Philip C. Cody
93The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 71926-09-01Philip C. Cody
94The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 81926-10-01Philip C. CodyHenry C. Murphy
95The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 91926-11-01Joseph T. ShawHenry C. Murphy
96The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 101926-12-01Joseph T. ShawHenry C. Murphy
97The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 111927-01-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
98The Black Mask Vol. 9, No. 121927-02-01Joseph T. ShawFrancis H. Harbaugh
99The Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 11927-03-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
100The Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 21927-04-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
101Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 31927-05-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
102Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 41927-06-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
103Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 51927-07-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
104Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 61927-08-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
105Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 71927-09-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
106Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 81927-10-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
107Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 91927-11-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
108Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 101927-12-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
109Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 111928-01-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
110Black Mask Vol. 10, No. 121928-02-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
111Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 11928-03-01Joseph T. Shaw
112Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 21928-04-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
113Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 31928-05-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
114Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 41928-06-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
115Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 51928-07-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
116Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 61928-08-01Joseph T. ShawHenry C. Murphy
117Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 71928-09-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
118Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 81928-10-01Joseph T. Shaw
119Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 91928-11-01Joseph T. Shaw
120Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 101928-12-01Joseph T. Shaw
121Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 111929-01-01Joseph T. Shaw
122Black Mask Vol. 11, No. 121929-02-01Joseph T. Shaw
123Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 11929-03-01Joseph T. Shaw
124Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 21929-04-01Joseph T. Shaw
125Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 31929-05-01Joseph T. Shaw
126Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 41929-06-01Joseph T. Shaw
127Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 51929-07-01Joseph T. Shaw
128Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 61929-08-01Joseph T. Shaw
129Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 71929-09-01Joseph T. Shaw
130Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 81929-10-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
131Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 91929-11-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
132Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 101929-12-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
133Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 111930-01-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
134Black Mask Vol. 12, No. 121930-02-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
135Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 11930-03-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
136Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 21930-04-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
137Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 31930-05-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
138Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 41930-06-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
139Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 51930-07-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
140Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 61930-08-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
141Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 71930-09-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
142Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 81930-10-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
143Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 91930-11-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
144Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 101930-12-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
145Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 111931-01-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
146Black Mask Vol. 13, No. 121931-02-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
147Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 11931-03-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
148Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 21931-04-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
149Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 31931-05-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
150Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 41931-06-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
151Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 51931-07-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
152Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 61931-08-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
153Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 71931-09-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
154Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 81931-10-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
155Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 91931-11-01Joseph T. Shaw
156Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 101931-12-01Joseph T. Shaw
157Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 111932-01-01Joseph T. Shaw
158Black Mask Vol. 14, No. 121932-02-01Joseph T. ShawJames McArdle
159Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 11932-03-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
160Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 21932-04-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
161Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 31932-05-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
162Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 41932-06-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
163Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 51932-07-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
164Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 61932-08-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
165Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 71932-09-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
166Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 81932-10-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
167Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 91932-11-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
168Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 101932-12-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
169Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 111933-01-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
170Black Mask Vol. 15, No. 121933-02-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
171Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 11933-03-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
172Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 21933-04-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
173Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 31933-05-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
174Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 41933-06-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
175Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 51933-07-01Joseph T. Shaw
176Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 61933-08-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
177Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 71933-09-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
178Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 81933-10-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
179Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 91933-11-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
180Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 101933-12-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
181Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 111934-01-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
182Black Mask Vol. 16, No. 121934-02-01Joseph T. Shaw
183Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 11934-03-01Joseph T. Shaw
184Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 21934-04-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
185Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 31934-05-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
186Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 41934-06-01Joseph T. Shaw
187Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 51934-07-01Joseph T. ShawJ. W. Schlaikjer
188Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 61934-08-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
189Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 71934-09-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
190Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 81934-10-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
191Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 91934-11-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
192Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 101934-12-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
193Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 111935-01-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
194Black Mask Vol. 17, No. 121935-02-01Joseph T. Shaw
195Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 11935-03-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
196Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 21935-04-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
197Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 31935-05-01Joseph T. ShawFred Craft
198Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 41935-06-01Joseph T. ShawRudolph Belarski
199Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 51935-07-01Joseph T. ShawRudolph Belarski
200Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 61935-08-01Joseph T. ShawRudolph Belarski
201Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 71935-09-01Joseph T. Shaw
202Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 81935-10-01Joseph T. ShawRudolph Belarski
203Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 91935-11-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
204Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 101935-12-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
205Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 111936-01-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
206Black Mask Vol. 18, No. 121936-02-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
207Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 11936-03-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
208Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 21936-04-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
209Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 31936-05-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
210Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 41936-06-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
211Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 51936-07-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
212Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 61936-08-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
213Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 71936-09-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
214Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 81936-10-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
215Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 91936-11-01Joseph T. ShawJohn Drew
216Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 101936-12-01Fanny EllsworthJohn Drew
217Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 111937-01-01Fanny EllsworthWilbur Thomas
218Black Mask Vol. 19, No. 121937-02-01Fanny EllsworthJohn Drew
219Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 11937-03-01Fanny EllsworthHarry Stoner
220Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 21937-04-01Fanny EllsworthStockton Mulford
221Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 31937-05-01Fanny EllsworthWilbur Thomas
222Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 41937-06-01Fanny EllsworthJ. George Janes
223Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 51937-07-01Fanny Ellsworth
224Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 61937-08-01Fanny EllsworthWilbur Thomas
225Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 71937-09-01Fanny Ellsworth
226Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 81937-10-01Fanny EllsworthRaymond S. Pease
227Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 91937-11-01Fanny EllsworthStockton Mulford
228Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 101937-12-01Fanny EllsworthJ. George Janes
229Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 111938-01-01Fanny EllsworthRaymond S. Pease
230Black Mask Vol. 20, No. 121938-02-01Fanny EllsworthRaymond S. Pease
231Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 11938-03-01Fanny EllsworthRaymond S. Pease
232Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 21938-04-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
233Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 31938-05-01Fanny EllsworthRaymond S. Pease
234Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 41938-06-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
235Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 51938-08-01Fanny EllsworthDon Creigh
236Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 61938-09-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
237Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 71938-10-01Fanny EllsworthJ. George Janes
238Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 81938-11-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
239Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 91938-12-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
240PDFBlack Mask Vol. 21, No. 101939-01-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
241Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 111939-02-01Fanny EllsworthJames Lunnon
242Black Mask Vol. 21, No. 121939-03-01Fanny EllsworthEdgar A. Whitney
243Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 11939-04-01Fanny EllsworthEdgar A. Whitney
244Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 21939-05-01Fanny EllsworthJ. George Janes
245Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 31939-06-01Fanny EllsworthEdgar A. Whitney
246Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 41939-07-01Fanny Ellsworth
247Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 51939-08-01Fanny EllsworthEdgar A. Whitney
248Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 61939-09-01Fanny EllsworthJ. George Janes
249Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 71939-10-01Fanny Ellsworth
250Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 81939-11-01Fanny Ellsworth
251Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 91939-12-01Fanny Ellsworth
252Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 101940-01-01Fanny Ellsworth
253PDFBlack Mask Vol. 22, No. 111940-02-01Fanny Ellsworth
254Black Mask Vol. 22, No. 121940-03-01Fanny EllsworthEdgar A. Whitney
255Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 11940-04-01Fanny Ellsworth
256Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 21940-06-01Kenneth White
257Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 31940-07-01Kenneth White
258PDFBlack Mask Vol. 23, No. 41940-08-01Kenneth White
259Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 51940-09-01Kenneth White
260Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 61940-10-01Kenneth White
261Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 71940-11-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
262Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 81940-12-01Kenneth White
263Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 91941-01-01Kenneth White
264Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 101941-02-01Kenneth White
265Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 111941-03-01Kenneth White
266Black Mask Vol. 23, No. 121941-04-01Kenneth White
267Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 11941-05-01Kenneth White
268Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 21941-06-01Kenneth White
269Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 31941-07-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
270Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 41941-08-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
271Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 51941-09-01Kenneth White
272Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 61941-10-01Kenneth White
273Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 71941-11-01Kenneth White
274PDFBlack Mask Vol. 24, No. 81941-12-01Kenneth White
275PDFBlack Mask Vol. 24, No. 91942-01-01Kenneth White
276Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 101942-02-01Kenneth White
277Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 111942-03-01Kenneth White
278Black Mask Vol. 24, No. 121942-04-01Kenneth White
279Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 11942-05-01Kenneth White
280Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 21942-06-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
281Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 31942-07-01Kenneth White
282Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 41942-08-01Kenneth White
283Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 51942-09-01Kenneth White
284PDFBlack Mask Vol. 25, No. 61942-10-01Kenneth White
285Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 71942-11-01Kenneth White
286Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 81942-12-01Kenneth White
287Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 91943-01-01Kenneth White
288Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 101943-02-01Kenneth White
289Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 111943-03-01Kenneth White
290Black Mask Vol. 25, No. 121943-05-01Kenneth White
291Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 11943-07-01Kenneth White
292Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 21943-09-01Kenneth White
293Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 31943-11-01Kenneth White
294Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 41944-01-01Kenneth White
295Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 51944-03-01Kenneth White
296Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 61944-05-01Kenneth White
297Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 71944-07-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
298Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 81944-09-01Kenneth White
299PDFBlack Mask Vol. 26, No. 91944-11-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
300Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 101945-01-01Kenneth White
301Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 111945-03-01Kenneth WhiteGloria Stoll
302Black Mask Vol. 26, No. 121945-05-01Kenneth WhiteGloria Stoll
303Black Mask Vol. 27, No. 11945-07-01Kenneth WhiteSamuel Cherry
304Black Mask Vol. 27, No. 21945-09-01Kenneth WhiteGloria Stoll
305Black Mask Vol. 27, No. 31945-11-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
306Black Mask Vol. 27, No. 41946-01-01Kenneth WhiteGloria Stoll
307Black Mask Vol. 28, No. 11946-02-01Kenneth WhiteGloria Stoll
308Black Mask Vol. 28, No. 21946-03-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
309Black Mask Vol. 28, No. 31946-05-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
310Black Mask Vol. 28, No. 41946-07-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
311Black Mask Vol. 29, No. 11946-09-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
312Black Mask Vol. 29, No. 21946-11-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
313Black Mask Vol. 29, No. 31947-01-01Kenneth WhiteRafael DeSoto
314Black Mask Vol. 29, No. 41947-03-01Kenneth White
315Black Mask Vol. 30, No. 11947-05-01Kenneth White
316PDFBlack Mask Vol. 30, No. 21947-07-01Kenneth White
317Black Mask Vol. 30, No. 31947-09-01Kenneth White
318Black Mask Vol. 30, No. 41947-11-01Kenneth WhitePeter Stevens
319PDFBlack Mask Vol. 31, No. 11948-01-01Kenneth White
320Black Mask Vol. 31, No. 21948-03-01Kenneth WhitePeter Stevens
321Black Mask Vol. 31, No. 31948-05-01Kenneth WhitePeter Stevens
322Black Mask Vol. 31, No. 41948-07-01Kenneth White
323Black Mask Vol. 32, No. 11948-09-01Kenneth White
324PDFBlack Mask Vol. 32, No. 21948-11-01Kenneth White
325Black Mask Vol. 32, No. 31949-01-01Peter Stevens
326Black Mask Vol. 32, No. 41949-03-01
327Black Mask Vol. 33, No. 11949-05-01
328Black Mask Vol. 33, No. 21949-07-01Norman Saunders
329Black Mask Vol. 33, No. 31949-09-01Norman Saunders
330Black Mask Vol. 33, No. 41949-11-01Norman Saunders
331Black Mask Vol. 34, No. 11950-01-01Norman Saunders
332Black Mask Vol. 34, No. 21950-03-01Norman Saunders
333Black Mask Detective Vol. 34, No. 31950-05-01Norman Saunders
334Black Mask Detective Vol. 34, No. 41950-07-01Norman Saunders
335Black Mask Detective Vol. 35, No. 11950-09-01Norman Saunders
336PDFBlack Mask Detective Vol. 35, No. 21950-11-01Norman Saunders
337PDFBlack Mask Detective Vol. 35, No. 31951-01-01
338Black Mask Detective Vol. 35, No. 41951-03-01
339Black Mask Detective Vol. 36, No. 11951-05-01
340Black Mask Detective Magazine Vol. 36, No. 21951-07-01
341Black Mask Vol. 1, No. 11974-08-01
342The New Black Mask Quarterly No. 11985-01-01
343The New Black Mask No. 31985-01-01
344The New Black Mask Quarterly No. 21985-01-01
345The New Black Mask No. 41986-01-01
346The New Black Mask No. 51986-02-01
347The New Black Mask No. 61986-03-01
348The New Black Mask No. 71986-04-01
349The New Black Mask No. 81987-01-01
350Black Mask (2016) Vol. 36, No. 32016-09-01Matthew Moring
351Black Mask (2016) Vol. 36, No. 42017-03-01Matthew Moring Norman Saunders
352Black Mask (2016) Vol. 37, No. 12017-09-01Matthew Moring
353Black Mask (2016) Vol. 37, No. 22018-03-01Matthew Moring James Lunnon
354Black Mask (2016) Vol. 37, No. 32019-04-01Matthew Moring

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